Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Happens, and Other Stories

Yeah, I've been remiss in blogging for a while, and I have a pile of excuses. The biggest one weighs the least, a 7-pound 19.5 inch eating and sleep-punctuating machine named Greyson Anthony Holak, delivered two-and-a-half weeks early on April 24th, in what they call a "precipitous labor." (He shot out in 4 minutes.)

Let me modify that a bit: he weighed the least 8 weeks ago; he doubled his birth weight since then, "grazing" 12-18 times per day and hitting the 97% percentile in length and weight.

This is what he thought of his circumcision. Sorry about that, little buddy.

Writing slowed down over the winter, but the last few weeks I feel like I'm back in full stride. The Dark Paths of the World, the sequel to The Winds of Heaven and Earth, is about 85% through first draft. I had targeted this spring for publication; the reality is it will be later this year. It's a deeper and much more complex story than TWOHAE, and it's a challenge, but I'm happy where it's going. Sorry about that, but I think you'll find it's worth the wait.

I also researched, outlined and wrote about 30,000 words of an unrelated stand-alone SciFi novel in my infinite spare time this winter, which I'll turn my full attention to once I complete TDPOTW--probably early Spring 2015. More details and a reveal on that later. (Why did I jump over to another book project in the middle of a series? If you're a writer you understand; an itch formed while I was researching the subject, characters and ideas scrabbled and clawed to get out, and I couldn't get relief until I purged a certain volume of it from my head.)

There's a big promotion going on this week for The Winds of Heaven and Earth; the Kindle Edition is available for free download on Amazon through 6/23; check it out if you haven't read it, and tell your friends to check it out if you have. Currently it sits at #8 in Epic Fantasy on Amazon, which is pretty cool.

World Cup? Uh, go Team USA, I guess. (Not much of a fan.)

Later, Peeps.

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