Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back on the Grid--and Some New Promotions

I hit the ground running yesterday after returning from a 10-day scuba-diving trip to the Florida Keys.  Our group's mantra is "this is not a vacation; it's a dive trip," so I got absolutely no writing done during the span of the gruelling trip--which is fine; I needed to decompress before the last push to get the novel done.  (My target is to give birth just before the Christmas book-buying and certificate-giving season.)  I checked no email, and stayed completely off the grid.  No news, no social media.  Nada.

OMG: there are Olympic Games going on across the Pond.  Who'da thunk?  (I have no idea how we're doing.)

Now, back to the wheel.

I blasted off 1500 words yesterday, picking up threads without missing a beat.  Good to be back.  Sort of.

I'm launching a few new promotions, encouraged by the success and exposure of the Amazon giveaway of "A Fairy for Bin Laden."

There's an ad running on Best Indie Books to promote "Fairy," and starting tomorrow I'm launching a 5-day free giveaway of  "O'Reilly's Sacrifice" on Amazon for Kindle.

I've been getting some great positive reviews for "Fairy"" on Amazon; very gratifying.  The promotion gave me good exposure; however, I'm still waiting for that to translate to sales.  This whole writing business for an Indie author is a learning experience, and just that: a business, which needs to be run like one, with attention to sales, marketing, etc.  It's a lot a fun, but eats up a lot of time too.  If the traditional publishers weren't such blood-sucking assholes, I'd certainly get in bed with them to do that side of the house.

Now, we return to our regularly-scheduled program . . .

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