Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle; New Story on Amazon

Things have slowed on the writing front coincident with a much needed vacation: a scuba-diving trip to Bonaire.

But not only am I back in the real world, I've published another story, now available for Kindle on Amazon.

"O'Reilly's Sacrifice" is a tale about a rabid Boston Red Sox fan who, in 2004, attempts to lift the "Curse of the Bambino" from the team.

The Curse of the Bambino:

In 1919, the Boston Red Sox sold of one of their rising young stars to the New York Yankees. That rising star just happened to be George Herman Ruth. The Babe. The Bambino. Babe Ruth.

You may have heard of him.

After the sale, Ruth went on to star as perhaps the most famous--if not the greatest--ballplayer of all time for the hated rival Yankees, who won championship after championship, while the Red Sox labored under nine decades worth of  inexplicable misfortune and frustration; many came to believe the team had fallen under a curse.

It had.

On October 17, 2004, the beleaguered Red Sox were down, three games to none, to the Yankees in the American League Championship Series. The team was trailing, late in the game, facing elimination.

But a despairing and determined Red Sox fan decided to take matters into his own hands and lift the Curse -- with a little bit of dark magic, a hostage sportswriter, and the ultimate sacrifice.

Also included in the download is bonus materiel: an excerpt from my novella, "A Fairy for Bin Laden," a story about a foot-high pixie who helps the CIA and Army track down Osama Bin Laden.

Both stories were a lot a fun to write, and I'm sure they'll be a lot of fun to read.


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